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The Next Level of Derma Fusion Technology

Fusion 2.0

Fusion 2.0 Technology is now available in standard size DFT and Black Label DFT

All standard size DFT and Black Label DFT are now manufactured with Fusion 2.0 technology. Stemming off the fusion/absorption enhancements made with the creation of DFT DUO—the leading reason why DFT DUO has been so successful—comes Fusion 2.0. This new absorption/permeation technology for standard size DFT and Black Label DFT is a massive step forward and, quite frankly, we didn't think it was possible until very recently.

The enhanced absorption technology of DUO worked because of DUO's 40% larger fusion surface. That same process would not work with standard size DFT or Black Label DFT due to their smaller surfaces. However, after many months of trial and error and untold resources, we finally perfected a process that has taken the nutritional support of standard size DFT and Black Label DFT to even greater heights...welcome to FUSION 2.0. With Fusion 2.0, we've added another layer to the manufacturing process, known as the permeation layer (layer 3 shown in the above illustration).

Please note that the active formulas for standard size DFT and Black Label DFT have not changed in any way. The active formulas you have come to love for both applications are still the exact same. Only the fusion/absorption aspects have changed, with the intent of rendering greater bioavailability and an enhanced uptake and absorption percentage.

You will notice 3 new ingredients (L-Arginine, Limonene, and Aloe Vera) on the packaging of standard size DFT and Black Label DFT. These ingredients do not relate to the active part of the formula (the part that renders nutritional support and benefits). These new ingredients are only a part of the 2.0 fusion/absorption blend on permeation layer 3. Once again, L-Arginine, Limonene, and Aloe Vera are not new active ingredients in the standard size DFT or Black Label DFT formulas; they only assist with the permeation/fusion 2.0 technology. This new 2.0 fusion technology and blend were designed to increase the bioavailability for absorption of the active ingredients in both formulas for greater nutritional support. On a side note, we are currently working on properly configuring Fusion 2.0 with DFT DUO and hope to have that available in the near future.

We could not be more excited to see the results THRIVERS around the globe will experience from the new THRIVE Experience with THRIVE Capsules, THRIVE Shake and THRIVE DFT/Fusion 2.0. Simply choose the DFT application that best suits your goals—Standard, Black Label, or DUO—and get ready for an even more amazing Experience.